A New Age In Dating

Dating is one of those things that everyone has done at one time or another. Back in the days of high school, dating was considered fun and exciting to all. But those days came to an end once you got married and grew up a bit.

Now that you have divorced and you are tired of living on your own, you might want to consider dating again. So, how does an adult, who has been married for almost 20 years, go about dating in this day and age? Some things have changed greatly since those early days of a movie and popcorn date.

The first thing you are going to notice is technology has taken over the clubs, bars, and fairs that people used to go to in order to find a date in the first place. Facebook and various other social networking sites have pretty much taken over that aspect. Don?t forget about all those dating sites that you see commercials for on your television, either. Computers and dating are starting to go together like sugar and coffee these days and, because of that, you are going to have to change your game up a little bit.

It is really difficult to convey emotion when you are typing to someone on a computer. Remember that when you are saying things through an instant message or email, you are going to have to be fairly specific so you don’t end up scaring that potential date off. What might be a funny opening line in real person, where they can see the smile on your face and the hint of sarcasm in your words might just end up offending someone who is simply reading it online. Always take that into consideration when you are trying to find a date through a social networking or online dating site.

You should also be aware that the person you are talking to may not be the person they are portraying themselves to be. There have been numerous accounts of guys acting like women and vice versa just to start up a conversation with someone as a joke. You might also find that the strapping quarterback or energetic cheerleader turns out to be a 350 pound man named Judd that lives in a trailer behind his mother?s house. Make sure they send you a picture with a hand written note to you with your name on it to be sure.

Dating in this type of a technological age is something that a lot of teenagers have no issues with, but anyone that has been married since the advent of the home computer, can remember what a modem sounded like while connecting to AOL, and loves the old drive-in movies might have a difficult time adjusting with how things are done these days. Don?t worry, though. If you are lucky, the person you are looking to date will feel the same way you do and that will just give you something to talk about while you are waiting for your movie to download onto your phones.

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