Are They Still Interested

It?s so easy to know when you are happy in a relationship. But where does the line begin to blur between getting comfortable with one another and getting bored? Sometimes it?s hard for one person involved to catch the difference. Where you may be content in the relaxed stage of your relationship, your partner could be getting bored without you even noticing.
Don?t let your relationship fall under because your partner has lost interest. If you let it go too long unnoticed, then your partner is likely to lose interest completely. Sometimes, it doesn?t matter what you do after that breaking point. This just means that you need to catch it early on to prevent them from leaving you in the future.
Now, when people say you need to keep things interesting, that doesn?t necessarily mean that you need to defy all norms and live on the edge every minute of every day. All it means is that you need to pick up the slack of dropping the flash and passion in the comfort stages. Don?t let yourself go just because you?re confident they won?t leave you. A good way of showing that you still care about yourself and how they think of you is by keeping up appearances. The bait and switch is the least attractive dating tactic. Listen to them when they ask you to keep up with personal hygiene. Do up your hair every now and then, or put on just a little bit of make-up day to day.
The demands of appearance may seem shallow, but that is what initially draws people to each other. If you change your whole look by abandoning the desire to please your significant other or draw them in, they won?t feel as if they are even with the same person they fell for. They?ll feel deceived and trapped. It creates a lot of bitterness and resentment on their behalf because the whole relationship can seem like a lie from simply letting yourself go.
Looks aside, a lot of people also desert the romance when the relationship ?dies down.? You can help to bring some of that passion back by simple romantic gestures. If there was anything you used to do, return to it again every now and then. If there?s something that they?ve always wanted to do with you, give it a go. It really helps to keep things interesting by trying new things. Go off of what they liked before and what they?ve been thinking about these days. See if you can mix and match some ideas.
Don?t let your partner slip away from you. It?s not that they don?t love you; it?s just that they feel as though you don?t care about them as much anymore. The best way to show your love is to listen to them, tell them what you want and like, and then compromise. Since the two of you are still together, there is still hope to reignite any dead passion.

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