Dating A Comedian

Many women find that men with a sense of humor are amazingly fun today. They also find this to be very sexy because laughter definitely makes you feel good. It?s true that a good sense of humor is very desirable in someone that you?re in a relationship with. Otherwise, it can be rather morose situation. That?s the positive part of being with someone that likes to make jokes, pull pranks and laugh all the time.
On the other hand, if you?re with someone that feels he?s got to be the court jester 24/7, it can become an eventual problem. Most women enjoy having some heart felt conversations with their men once in a while; some more than others. Women that are with full time comedians will find it a challenge to have these types of conversations because their men will always be trying to find something funny to say. So while you?re sitting there telling this man how much he means to you and how you love him with all of your heart, he just may come out with some really insensitive comment like ?So just how big is your heart?? That can be a real issue if he doesn?t ever have the ability to be serious and romantic. A sense of humor is great, but it can also be too much of a good thing if he doesn?t know how to dial it down a little.
Then, there are the men that love pulling pranks. You start to become afraid to turn your back on him because of what he may do. For instance, he may drop something on purpose knowing that you?ll bend over to pick it up. While you?re in the bent over position, you?ll suddenly feel a wooden spoon trying to find its way up your posterior. You most likely won?t find that funny, but he will doubled over with laughter at how you looked when you jumped straight up and screamed. That?s just an example of the many types of pranks that a jokester can come up with to play on you at the drop of a hat. Some of them are even more elaborate.
Laughter is definitely great medicine and is a good way to stay healthy, but it?s not so healthy when you?re pissed off at being laughed at all the time. There are certainly times in life that aren?t going to be funny. For instance, if your dog is run over by a car, you?re going to be very upset. Your comedian boyfriend may find the way the dog flew up in the air at the point of impact something to laugh about. Ok, if he does that, there?s something seriously wrong with him and you need to drop him immediately.
The thing is, unless you?re somewhat of a comedian yourself, then you probably aren?t going to have a successful relationship with someone like this. Laughter is a great thing, but there are definitely times when it?s not either appropriate or necessary. Unless your guy knows the difference, he?s probably not the one for you.

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