Dont Let Yourself Be A One Night Stand

One night stands have been indulged in ever since men and women realized that sex is fun. The thing about these one night stands is that they?re usually fast, simple, fun and have no strings attached. There?s another thing about them that many people don?t fully understand until they?ve had one or more. One night stands can be very unfulfilling and leave a huge black hole in your emotions. This is the reason that, if you?re looking for more than just sexual release, you?re going to want to avoid them at all costs. In short, don?t let yourself become a victim of one night stands.
As many nightclubs are pickup scenes, unless you stick to those places ?where everybody knows your name,? you probably don?t want to get too heavily involved in going out to them. The exception would be if you?re going out with friends or you have a date. Then, it can be fun to hit some of the larger clubs for drinks and dancing. If you go alone, however, you?re putting out signals that you?re looking for a quick hookup that can only lead to a one night stand.
It seems that men enjoy these encounters more than women, although there are plenty of women that aren?t interested in long term attachments. These women tend to go out deliberately to find men that are willing to have that fast encounter and then be on their way. Whether women like it or not, they?re more at risk of becoming victims if they?re not careful. So the location of the encounter can be anywhere from a stall in the restroom, the back seat of a car, or up against a wall in a back alley. It?s very unwise for a woman to take a stranger home for sex or to go to his place.
Something else you may want to think about when it comes to safety is that there are still various sexually transmitted diseases that you don?t want to catch. While none of them are pleasant, many can be treated and even cured. There are a couple of them that won?t kill you, but they?ll never go away. Then, you need to remember that at least one can kill you. Not everyone is going to be responsible enough to use protection during these encounters. So that?s definitely something to think about.
If you?re not someone that really wants to make a lifestyle of one night stands only, then you need to take precautions and ensure that doesn?t happen. Don?t put yourself in positions where you may be tempted to engage in one. Put that energy and effort into finding the right dating site or company that will help you meet someone that wants the same things as you do. Always remember that a one night stand isn?t going to bring you the relationship that you want. Anytime you feel particularly needy, it?s much safer to keep your nightstand drawer outfitted with just what you need. In that way, you won?t be risking your life or your self-respect.

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