How To Know Hes Not The One

There may be times when you?re in a relationship that the guy is just so perfect that you really want it to work out between the two of you. The only problem is that there just seems to be something missing and you can?t quite put your finger on it. If this sounds like you, it may come as a relief to know that there are ways to tell whether or not the guy you?re with is the one for you.
One of the first signs is that you kind of bypass the honeymoon phase of the relationship. This is the part where, in the beginning, you live to see each other. You spend the time you?re not together talking on the telephone or computer. Butterflies are something that you should have, especially in the beginning, and if you don?t feel that at all, you may be mistaking comfort for love.
Another thing you may want to consider is how long your conversations are with each other. If you have pretty short chats because you want to, then there?s something wrong. Couples that are really into each other can?t talk enough. They enjoy having stimulating conversations. Many times, they never want to hang up the phone if that?s how they?re chatting.
Unless you?ve both got high powered careers or you live miles away from each other, there should be the desire to spend plenty of quality time together. If you?re choosing not to spend much time together in person, instead favoring telephone communication or chatting online, you should rethink things. All couples that really care about each other want to spend time together in person rather than just chatting on the phone or online. Something definitely isn?t quite right when don?t want to be together at least some of the time.
If he forgets important information and/or dates, he?s probably not really that into you. Granted, some men just seem to have memories like sieves. They can?t remember what day of the week it is let alone things like your birthday or anniversary. On the other hand, if a man really doesn?t care that much about you, then what you?ve got going on in your life isn?t going to be overly important to them. If this is true of your guy, he?s probably not the right one for you.
A really telling fact that your relationship isn?t meant to be is that you haven?t discussed your future as a couple. This is true whether it?s you that hasn?t brought it up, or he hasn?t. If the subject doesn?t come up ever, then it?s probably not going to last.
One last thing to consider is that if he?s never around when you really need him, chances are he?s not going to be around at all for that much longer. Couples are supposed to be able to turn to one another when they?re having a great day or a bad one. It doesn?t matter which it is, but when you really care about someone, you?re going to ask the questions and be there for the answers. People that don?t care that much won?t be checking to see what?s going on in the lives of each other.

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