How To Show Your Former Man That You Are A New Woman

Have you loved and lost the perfect guy for you? Well, don?t shed any more tears over that tub of ice cream, because where there?s the will to get him back, then there?s a way!
Think about why the two of you broke up to begin with. Did he ever have any reasons for leaving, or at least some very common complaints about your attitude? If you remember what he didn?t like about the relationship, then you can think of ways to repair it. For instance, if you really let yourself go, then fix yourself up. If you put on some weight, diet and shed the extra pounds. If you stopped wearing make-up as often, find an attractive bare minimum that you could toss on in no time each morning. You may decide to go with some eyeliner and mascara. A little lip gloss never hurts, either. What if you lost motivation to chase your dreams? Figure out a game plan and make some progress in what you were after. For every problem, there is a simple solution. You just have to want your ex back badly enough to really put in the effort.
By fixing the problems in your life and on your side of the relationship, it will really show him how much he means to you. Now, if you two broke up, then there may have been something on his side of things that wasn?t completely right, either. Though the eventual break up itself may very well be, in large part, due to your behavior, don?t jump ahead and blame yourself for everything. Take some time to think if you really do want him back. Is he really the right man for you if he doesn?t love you and accept you as you are? Or did you really just lose track of yourself and what you wanted out of life? If it was you, then go ahead and work out the kinks in your life. But if it was him, take your time as a single woman to see what else is out there before making a commitment to a man that you?ve already lost.
After all of that is sorted out, what you will want to do is make a subtle point to display how well you?re doing now, and be sure to show your conviction to your current way of life, so he knows that you won?t lose luster again later. You don?t want to shove it in his face, or he?ll see you as a faker and desperate, but if you?re a little classy about how you introduce the new you, then your chances are good to spark his interest.
Finally, even if he just doesn?t want to be with you, if you stay on the course of your new and improved lifestyle, you?re bound to attract many quality suitors to your door. Grown men love a strong and beautiful woman with confidence, as you?ll find out when you become one.

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