Learning To Share The Remote

A long running joke about couples is that the man always controls the television remote control. No matter what the woman wants to watch on television, she?s always made to watch what the man wants because, after all, the home is a man?s castle, right? That analogy is not so much true anymore, and for a lot of reasons.
To begin with, most homes now have more than one television so everyone can watch whatever they want. There?s not a lot of remote sharing needed in homes with several televisions. On top of that, there are such things as DVRs that will allow you to record another show while one is being watched. However, it?s not specifically the television remote control that needs to be shared between couples. It?s more the idea of sharing that?s important.
This is where couples having lots of things in common can make a huge impact on the relationship overall. If you and your partner are in synch about such things as the types of television shows and movies you like to watch, there won?t be a lot of remote sharing needed. You?ll both easily agree on what you want to watch. This will be true in other areas of the relationship where a choice needs to be made. When you both like lots of the same things, it?s easier to keep the relationship on level ground. It?s when you?re in a relationship with someone that has few things in common with you that sharing is vital.
Sharing things in a relationship can be difficult when one partner refuses to give at all. This tends to come out when, for example, you?re with a man that?s a true sports fanatic. He not only has to go to all the games he can manage but he?s also recording games at home. On weekends, you can be grateful that you have your own television set because, otherwise, you won?t have much television time on your own. Of course, he may also try to commandeer your television as well to record other games that may be on at the same time. This is not an example of sharing. This is a prime example of selfishness.
There?s no room for selfishness in any relationship, but you just notice it more when you?re involved with someone you have little to nothing in common with. Sharing is something that?s hard to do for some people. So if you?re in a relationship with someone like this, you better hope that you both like the same things. Otherwise, either you?ll have to give up things that you really enjoy in favor of your partner getting to do what they want, or you?ll just be fighting all the time. Whichever way that goes, you?ll most likely be ending the relationship before long.
You see, for people that can?t learn to share the remote, there may not be a lot of hope because, if they can?t share the remote, they probably won?t be able to share anything else.

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