Living With Your Choices

Relationships are made up of choices even if it?s not evident from the beginning. You need to know what you want in a relationship before you go out trying to find that right man for you. If you don?t do that, you?ll find that you could end up in a relationship that you want no part of and not even realize how you got there. Pay attention to what you?re doing. That?s the only way that you?ll have a chance of being in the type of relationship you were hoping for.
Something that many people forget when they?re on the hunt for a relationship is that they?ve got to live with their choices. Therefore, if you hook up with someone that you?re not so sure about in the beginning, there?s a good chance that you?ll end up in a relationship that you?ll regret. Don?t ever let desperation be your guide when it comes to choosing someone for a potential relationship. That?s one of the biggest reasons that people get involved with someone that turns out to be completely wrong for them.
Think about it for a second. How many times did you take up with someone just because he showed a bit of interest in you and paid attention to you? This is especially true when you?re the only single girl in your group of immediate friends. It gets even worse when your mother, sister or some other relative is constantly hounding you about when you?re going to find a husband. You start to feel the pressure and, suddenly, all men start to look promising to you.
You allow yourself to start daydreaming about what it would be like to walk down the aisle during your beautiful and huge wedding. Everyone will be looking at you and gasping in awe at your beauty. Your family will be standing there teary eyed as they gaze on proudly. Then, there?s the reception and the honeymoon followed by the new house in the suburbs and maybe even a baby or two. When you put on those rose colored glasses, all sorts of men start to look attractive.
Before you give in to that pressure and the feelings those daydreams produce, think about what comes after the fancy wedding, honeymoon and new house. This man will be your husband; the man you?ll be going to bed with every night and waking up with each morning. Marriage is difficult enough even for couples that truly love each other. Imagine just how much harder it will be if you don?t really love this man you?ve married.
Think back on how much pressure you received to get married. Now, imagine just how heavy the disappointment and guilt trips will be once you announce that you?re getting divorced. You simply cannot allow yourself to be talked into or forced into a situation that you know in your heart is wrong for you.
The choices you make in life are ones that you, and only you, will have to live with. So do your best to make the ones best for you.

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