Moving On When Theres No Closure

Everyone talks about how to move on when a relationship ends even when one partner didn?t want it that way. This can be, indeed, quite painful, but when someone walks away from a relationship voluntarily, the remaining partner has no choice except to heal and move forward with their life. It?s not an easy process to do this but, eventually, most normal people do move on and find someone else to love.
There?s another situation, though, that isn?t addressed very often, if ever, and that?s usually because there?s no resolution to it. This situation happens when one of the partners simply vanishes and cannot be found. There?s a horrifying increase in these cases during the last few years particularly when young women are involved. In too many instances, these women are never seen again so their family and friends are left to wonder what happened to them. Many of these women also leave behind boyfriends and husbands that are left grappling with their situation and searching for answers.
It?s a double edged sword when the bodies of any of these people are found because at least there?s an answer to the question of what happened to them. On the other hand, it?s a sad way to have to say goodbye to someone that should have been around for many more years to come. But what happens to the partners left behind when there?s no evidence of death?
That?s the dilemma facing so many these days. The question becomes just how long is a decent and respectable amount of time before you should move on with your life if you?re in this sort of situation? Not only are these painful and lonely circumstances, but they can become a legal nightmare if a couple is married when one of them vanishes. Are you a widower or should get a divorce after a while? It?s just such a hard decision because you really want to hold out hope that your loved one will return.
After several years, the love may still be lingering for the missing partner, but when it becomes clear that she or he won?t be returning for whatever reason, it?s time to try to move forward in life. You may feel disloyal at even thinking of dating someone else. However, should you also become as much of a victim as your missing love?
Some people choose to never even date anyone again. That?s a personal choice, of course. But should you really live the rest of your life alone out of respect for a partner that is obviously deceased or has chosen not to return for whatever reason? A good rule of thumb in moving on is usually the point where you feel that, no matter what the reason is, your relationship is no longer a valid one and that it?s time to start re-joining the human race.
While you?ll always hold a special place in your heart for your lost love, keep in mind that if this person truly loved you, he or she would want nothing less than for you to find someone to be happy with. As long as you?ve done everything you can to find this person and the years have gone by with no result, it?s time to reclaim your life and be happy again.

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