Sometimes A Little White Lie Is Best

You know those little moments in time where a guy?s girlfriend or wife is modeling new jeans and she turns to him and says, ?Do these make my butt look fat?? Most guys in this situation tend to look very similar to a deer caught in the headlights when you see the expression on their faces. They know that no matter what they say it?s not going to be the right answer unless they can answer in the negative with a convincing tone. These are times when you really need to think quickly and seriously before delivering your answer. This can be true of women with sensitive male partners as well.
Now, before you answer questions such as these, you need to evaluate your situation well ahead of time in anticipation of these questions that are potential land mines for your relationship. Decide just how much honesty your partner can handle. This is the first question that you must answer especially when it becomes clear that you?ll have to face those questions in the future.
Something to remember is that in many situations, telling a little white lie is the best and safest policy. However, you must assess each situation individually before delivering your answer. Sometimes you simply must tell a version of the truth. For instance, if your lady is trying to go out of the house in an outfit that would do justice to the hooker downtown on the street corner, you simply can?t let her go out and embarrass herself that way. Be kind when you present other clothing choices to her and tell her something along the lines of how much you adore seeing her in the outfit that YOU picked out. Nothing should get you further than flattery.
At other times, you may just be forced to tell something that?s not quite true in order to avoid hurting your beloved?s feelings, or putting yourself in the doghouse. Under the circumstances, it?s better to tell her that no, those jeans don?t make her butt look big, or tell him that his hair doesn?t look silly all spiked up and gelled like that. Now, when you go out, if there are some side glances or not so discreet giggles, simply say that you have no idea what they could be staring at because you find your partner absolutely adorable. THERE?S your little white lie.
Simply put, the basic rule about telling little white lies is this: As long as your partner isn?t going to be seen in public in a way that will get them ridiculed and made fun of to a huge degree, let it go. If your partner is happy about something regarding their looks, as long as it won?t be permanent and won?t be TOTALLY ridiculous, agree that it looks nice. These are the types of little white lies that don?t hurt anyone and usually won?t get you busted. Simply agree with your partner and hope that the phase passes.

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