Sometimes You Just Have To Move On

When the breakup of a relationship happens and you not only didn?t want it to happen, but you never saw it coming, you may spend a lot of time trying to figure out what went wrong. A huge part of this thinking is done because you want so much to have your ex back in your life. You want to fix things so that your relationship will be back on track and thriving again.
To begin with, trying to figure out what happened if you truly don?t know is a great way to start the healing process. It?s certainly an important one because you may absolutely have no idea what ended your relationship. You may have thought that everything was going along swimmingly and had no clue that there was anything out of whack. At least, you didn?t know until the day that your ex came to you and said he was leaving. Could you have really been so oblivious to any problems in the relationship that it was like being hit with a baseball bat that you never saw coming? It?s very possible for that to happen. In fact, it happens a lot and you shouldn?t feel badly if you fall into this category.
It?s important, though, that you learn to become more cognizant so that your next relationship doesn?t suffer the same consequences. If you were so caught up in such things as work or hobbies, you probably didn?t know that your partner was unhappy and feeling neglected. Of course, the smart thing would have been for him to approach you about this to see if it could be worked out. However, what probably happened is that he went searching for someone that was more willing to pay more attention to him than you were.
The next thing you may want to focus on is how to get him back. While it?s true that, in many instances, a relationship can be resurrected, it?s also true that many of them stay broken. If you?re positive that you want your ex back, there are things you can do to see if he will come back to you. On the other hand, if he?s already dating someone else, chances are slim that he?s going to return. In this case, the best thing you can do for yourself is to learn from your mistakes and don?t repeat them in the future.
Sometimes, it?s just better to move on with your life and not look back wishing and wondering what could have been. Once something has passed through your life and exited on the other side, it?s usually smart to simply take the knowledge the experience imparted to you and file it away so that you don?t make those same errors in the future. You?ll have time to figure out what?s really important to you and that?s going to help keep your next relationship intact. Deal with your pain, heal, and move forward. That?s the way to build a positive future relationship.

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