Spice Up Your Relationship With Role Playing

There?s no getting around the fact that after a couple has been together for a long time the sex can become routine and even boring. It doesn?t matter how much you love each other, either. At first, everything is new and exciting, but after a few years of being only with each other, the excitement can start dying down. For some couples, it happens more quickly than for others, but it?s going to happen at some point.
Lots of couples do things such as going on second honeymoons. This allows them to have some quality time together without kids or pets around. They can use this time together to reconnect and remember how it felt in the beginning. Second honeymoons are a great idea except for a couple of things. One is that they cost money whether you?re jetting off to Hawaii or just heading around the corner to the local Days Inn for the weekend. Not everyone has the money or the time to do this. The other problem is that the bloom once again fades from the rose within a very short time of returning to ?real life.? That?s why the couples that can manage it plan at least one trip away together each year.
There?s another way to spice things up sexually without having to spend a lot of money or even leave your own home. In addition, it?s something that you can do any time you want. It?s called role playing. You?ve probably heard the term before in some context but may not completely understand how it can factor into saving your relationship.
It?s actually quite simple. Everyone has fantasies when it comes to sex. These are the mind games that really turn a person on and may even be played out mentally when engaging in sex. What you?re doing with role playing is bringing these fantasies out in the open; at least between the two of you. The beginning of this is going to require some honest and open talking between you and your partner because that?s the only way to find out the fantasies each of you has.
Now, the next part is actually lots of fun. You can either surprise your partner or the two of you can plan something together, or mix it up a little. Either way, you?ll be role playing the fantasy that one of you has. Be specific when talking out your fantasies so that you?ll both know what elements are considered vital for it to work.
Keep in mind that this isn?t something you must do every night of the week or even every time you have sex, unless the two of you want that. If your lives are really busy, pencil in that one night a week that belongs only to you, your partner and your fantasies. Be creative when arranging these special nights. Once you get started with it, you?ll find that the spark will leap right back into the physical part of your relationship. Each time will be like the first time all over again.

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