Sweet But Boring

Something that happens more than you would think is when you meet the man that you?re positive is Mr. Right only to discover that there?s no way you can stand to be around this man because he?s so incredibly boring. This is another one of those instances where you really cannot judge a book by its cover. You may see this man across the room that?s the most beautiful person you?ve ever seen in your life. His hair is just right, his eyes are gorgeous and penetrating, and his body rivals that of a Greek god. What?s more, he?s staring back at you!
Your dreams come true as he walks across the room towards you and starts a conversation. Before you know it, you?ve agreed to go out with him that weekend. Over dinner, you and this gorgeous man get to know each other better. He?s such a great listener that you don?t realize until much later that you?ve been doing all the talking. Embarrassed, you apologize and start to ask him more about himself. His answers are pretty straight forward and not very colorful, but you decide that he just may be a bit shy when it comes to talking about himself.
The next day, he sends flowers to you along with a note thanking you for the great evening. You find this a rather sweet gesture, so when he calls and asks you out again, you readily agree. This date is a lot like the first one, almost down to the dinner conversation. At the end of the evening, he doesn?t try to kiss you goodnight so you take matters into your own hands and kiss him. This kiss is rather surprising to you simply because he kisses you close lipped. In other words, he doesn?t slip you any tongue at all. It?s almost like kissing your brother, if you were to kiss your brother on the mouth.
That?s all a little puzzling, but he is cute so you agree to another date. Since the third date is, in many cases, that date where things heat up and move to the bedroom, you?re not quite sure what to expect. You don?t really need to worry because he doesn?t show any inclination in moving to the bedroom or anywhere else. Yet, he still seems to want to see you again.
Eventually, you start to realize that this man is either gay or simply boring. Maybe he doesn?t know how to be with someone. It may be that he just doesn?t have anything to say. As you dig deeper, you don?t find any hobbies or true interests. He simply isn?t an entertaining person to be with. Now, you?re starting to see why he?s single.
Unless you can tap into some hidden enthusiasm inside of him, chances are he?s not going to improve when it comes to being a bit more entertaining. If you?re good simply having some eye candy, you?re probably going to be just as happy purchasing a life size poster of your favorite ?pretty boy.? Some men just don?t have anything going for them when it comes to enjoying life. The sooner you discover that about a boring date, the faster you can put him behind you.

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