The Importance Of Laughing Together

There are too many people in the world today that seem to be challenged in the area of having a sense of humor. That?s a very sad state of affairs because the ability to laugh at yourself as well as together is quite vital when it comes to the success of a relationship. Humor is one of those anti-aging tricks that not only keep you looking and feeling younger, but it can also keep you healthier. Many times the ability to find something funny in the majority of events in your life will keep you from developing stress related illnesses.
Knowing all of those things shows you just how much a great or terrible sense of humor can impact your relationship. People without a sense of humor tend to go through life as very morose or angry. They don?t find anything humorous unless it?s something that they see as ironic. You would also do well never to tease them or try to joke around with them. They?re going to take everything you say literally and seriously. This will most likely cause a confrontation of sorts. It?s really amazing that people like this can ever find friends let alone a lover.
Being able to laugh at yourself and with others is truly one of the best gifts you?ll ever have. There are even couples with relationships built around their ability to laugh. You may have seen the couple that posts YouTube videos detailing their practical jokes on each other. Some of these jokes are terrible, but the couple finds them funny and it seems to add a bit of spice to their relationship.
That?s not meant to say that all couples must behave like this. It?s only to say that you should be able to find humor in various areas of your life together. Learn not to be so sensitive about things. For example, one of the first things that used to be a running joke regarding newlyweds is the wife?s inability to cook. There have been various stories circulating for years about how that first marital meal was either burnt to a crisp or contained a plate filled with food of only one color. Whatever story you may have heard, there was usually a part where the wife fled the table in tears. A better way of handling such a situation might have been to use it in instigating a food fight. Imagine all of the laughter that would have come from that!
Now, think back to all of the times that you and your partner enjoyed a good, side holding, eye wiping laugh together. This may have even led to a really hot sexual encounter after you calmed down a bit. The point is that when you laugh together there?s a lot of positive energy that?s injected into your relationship. This is the positive energy that will keep a couple together through any type of situation. It?s that negative energy that will break you apart. If you or your partner doesn?t have the ability to laugh, you?re doomed to a miserable existence. Make it a point to find your sense of humor and dust it off!

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