Ways Women Destroy Their Relationships

Women seem to be more invested in keeping their relationships together than men do, for the most part. However, on the other hand, they also tend to unknowingly destroy their relationships in some very simple and silly ways. Once they start, it?s usually very hard to fix things.
For one thing, women can be just too nice. You don?t want to tell a guy that he?s rude and that he?s being disrespectful of you. Worse yet, you don?t like to even admit there?s anything wrong, so you stay quiet. It?s so much better to tell him what an ass he?s being rather than let it fester.
In the beginning, couples go out all the time. Eventually, they start staying in more and more and spending quiet evenings at home having dinner and watching a movie. Don?t panic because this is normal. Relax and don?t force him into going out a lot when he doesn?t want to.
You need to understand that you?ve got to do your own thing. Of course, when the relationship is new, you want to be together constantly. However, don?t let that keep you from spending time with your friends and family, too. He also needs to do that. It keeps your relationship from becoming suffocating.
Maybe at first, you and your boyfriend used to have sex 3 or 4 times daily but that can?t last and it shouldn?t. That doesn?t mean that you should just sit back and be ok with sex totally dwindling out of your relationship. But throwing a fit isn?t good, either. That?s not really going to make you any sexier to him. If it gets serious enough, talk about it calmly.
Just because other couples you know are constantly going out and doing exciting things and having adventures doesn?t mean that?s right for you and your boyfriend. When you start comparing your relationship with others, it only puts a damper on yours. Don?t start questioning the type of relationship you have if you?re happy in it.
Some women just need to try too hard. It?s not helpful if you suddenly start greeting him in sexy lingerie and candlelit dinners all the time. He?s going to feel the pressure of having to match your efforts. That?s not to say that you shouldn?t do something nice sometimes, but you can just be normal once you?ve won each other.
Insecurity is one of the most unattractive features that a woman can have. There?s no reason that you should have to constantly say I love you all the time to each other. Don?t force it and only say it when it feels natural. If you start asking him 20 times a day if he really loves you, he?s going to get really tired of it. Refrain from doing this because no man wants to have to be FORCED to say those words. He?ll say them when he feels them and you need to be happy with that.
Avoid those things that can destroy a perfectly great relationship and you?ll find that you?ll be a much happier person.

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