Worst Date Ever

Dating can be filled with dangers that you may never have thought existed before. Not everyone is prepared to go out on a date for the first time as they may think. Because of this, embarrassing moments can occur that will either ruin the night entirely or end up giving you something to laugh about during your second date. No matter what kind of night you are having, you should always remember that you are human and bad things are just going to happen from time to time. But there are ways of getting around some of those bad things.
The first thing you are going to need to do is consider the fact that no matter how bad things are going on your date, someone has already been through it and they managed to survive. Even if your date gets up half way through and jumps out the bathroom window of the restaurant, there is no reason to panic. You aren’t the first one this has happened to. Besides, at least you found out right off the bat rather than spending a fortune and two weeks trying to impress them. See how things work out for the better at times?
What do you do if your date is completely boring and somewhat arrogant? Well, that is easy; just stick them with the check. It will probably piss them off a bit, but you get a free meal out of it and you won’t have to worry about them trying to call you again. Sometimes, having a bad first date can save you a lot of grief later on. If they run out on you, then it is probably a sign that it was never meant to be and you could end up a lot happier because of it.
Having a bad date is nothing new. Plenty of people go through them on a regular basis and turn out OK in the end. Just remember that you shouldn?t feel like it was all your fault in case something does happen that turns a great night into a nightmare. You have to give yourself a chance to get out there and find the one person that is going to laugh when things go south. These are the type of people you need to be around anyway since no one out there is perfect all the time.
You are going to say something or do something extremely stupid at some point in the night. That is a given fact and you just have to work around it and make the best out of a bad situation. If the person you are with is able to laugh things off and still have a great time, then maybe you have a chance at true happiness. Besides, just because you are having a bad night doesn?t mean that your date is having one. This could be a blessing in disguise for you and your date if everything works out for the best even after a really bad night.

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